What a rescue…

Kath got a call from local police station, they got a dog who looked exactly like Carl (who left last year to Germany), its Kath or the pound so Kath doesn’t doubt… Once in the shelter, the sweet boy was checked and HALLELUJA, he has a chip! We cross our fingers when we call the registered owner (Please don’t dump him, please don’t dump him). The owner is absolutely filled with joy! This sweet boy goes by the name of Lucas and he escaped from the garden. Owner had all the paperwork so there was no doubt this time. So Lucas went home! Wish all our rescues were this smooth and easy!

SAR After Carl 2 01
SAR After Carl 2 02
SAR After Carl 2 03
SAR After Carl 2 04
SAR After Carl 2 05
SAR After Carl 2 06
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