Welcome Amari

WHAT A STORY! We get a call yesterday morning for a German Shepard spotted near a garbage disposal site. The people who saw her, just took a picture and walked away. Rescuers rushed over but Amari was nowhere to be seen. The workers said “they took care of the dog”, hinting at the garbage bins. Arguing with them was pointless. Completely heartbroken and devastated the rescuers went back home.

But it didnt feel right, we never saw Amaris body… Nobody was able to sleep… So in middle of night, someone said, “**** it, I am going back, at least we can give her a proper burial”. Other rescuers followed and to their enormous surprise, there she was, ALIVE!!! She was laying in the bushes nearby, softly crying.

All first test were ok, she is “just” extremely malnourished and has all the mites you can think off. But she will be fine!!! We will fight with her! So with extreme joy we can say WELCOME AMARI!!! 

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