Update 21-08 Strong

Update 21-08: Nothing short of a miracle…

When the vet told Kath yesterday Strong did not need medical attention anymore, the decision was made instant, Strong was going home with her.

Once home, you could see the relief in Strongs eyes… And he immediately got a new BFF, Amari went up to him and gave him a kiss and a notch with his head. He assured him all would be fine.

Kath (as determined as always) took Strong out this morning. She layed him down in the garden and he simply STOOD UP AND WALKED! Granted, a little wobbly but keep in mind that 10 days ago, lifting his head was an effort…

We can not express enough gratitude to all the warm thoughts and prayers we got for Strong. They were all well received as you can see! And ofcourse endless thanks to our Kath, you did it again my lady 💪

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