Rescue 23-09

One of our amazing volunteers, Dan alerted us that there were 2 dogs in urgent need of rescuing. They are living on a construction site where people will leave on Monday. Mum dog is friendly and easy to approach but no one was able to get her son… We really tried everything, but he is just too scared. So when evening fell, we took the hard decision to get mum into safety. The good professional dog team (who are always overbooked) luckily could come to help. Please everyone, keep your fingers crossed they can save the son too!!!

SAR Rescue 23-09 01
SAR Rescue 23-09 02
SAR Rescue 23-09 03
SAR Rescue 23-09 04
SAR Rescue 23-09 05
SAR Rescue 23-09 06
SAR Rescue 23-09 07
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Update: We got the little boy too!!!

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