Please keep your fingers crossed!!

As many of you know, we lost 3/4 of our old shelter due to public works. More than half of our dogs moved to boarding, no choice. Our super Chinese volunteers put their shoulders behind a fundraising campaign which raised 500K RMB to build a new shelter. We found a great building, volunteer architect designed inner lay-out, building starting after Chinese New Year… All was looking great… Then it all came crushing down. All it took was one complaint and all plans were in the trash bin. We tried to get a new location but seems we are not very welcome… So with no new location within reach, we had to find another solution. Luckily, our “old” landlord agreed to let us expand the “old” shelter towards the front. It will be smaller than we need but beggars cant be chosers… So now waiting until the weather clears up and away we go… Please keep your fingers crossed!!

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