Many of you know the struggles we endured after being kicked out of our old location. We worked hard to make the new location as comfortable as possible… When the typhoon raged over the shelter last week, we all held our breath. We do not have a brick building… And we are still in debt of this build, we certainly can’t afford another one… The typhoon sure scared all the dogs, but we counted our blessings everyone was unharmed. We lost close to all our trees (we need them to keep soil in place) and a couple fences turned into a triangle… But you realise who your friends are in times of need, without us even asking, the SUPER DUPER Dutch ladies of Wings For Animals did a fundraiser for us and donated a whopping 3900 RMB! Those fences will be straight again and the trees will be reinforced! DUIZEND MAAL DANK U!

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