LIFT OFF Ushi & Fynn 

LIFT OFF Ushi & Fynn These two are off to a loving home abroad  Please also notice our great new SAR t-shirts! Good luck & safe trip you guys!

Would like to take this opportunity to introduce one of the greatest guys in Shanghai, you can see him on pictures kneeling down to rescue Fynn. Every day before and after his day job, he is rescuing stray dogs and bringing him to safety. He does it all for free, not all heroes wear capes…

SAR After Fynn 03
SAR Flyer 44 Fynn
SAR Flyer 63 Ushi
SAR After Ushi 03
SAR After Ushi 02
SAR After Ushi 01
SAR After Fynn 06
SAR After Fynn 05
SAR After Fynn 04
SAR After Fynn 02
SAR After Fynn 01
SAR After Fritz Lotta 06
SAR After Fritz Lotta 07
SAR After Fritz Lotta 08
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