Blind and deaf… Marinette was having a real hard time in the shelter. We found her an adoptive home overseas but 4 more months in the shelter would be very hard for her. Our courage sank low, it is hard enough to find fosters for our “normal’ dogs, who could take the challenge for this special girl??? Luckily Stefan and his amazing family stepped up and oh boy, she was a challenge. How to train a dog that can not hear not see? Stefan and his family did an absolute amazing job and words can not describe our gratitude. Last night (with some delay) it finally was the time for Marinette (now called Milka) to go. She handled the trip like a pro and is now already in Austrian Alps. THANK YOU A BILLION times for everyone that made this possible!

SAR After Marinette 03
SAR After Marinette 08
SAR After Marinette 07
SAR After Marinette 06
SAR After Marinette 05
SAR After Marinette 04
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SAR After Marinette 01
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