Its hurting to see such a sweet soul so heartbroken…

Shanghai is growing as a city, small town houses make room for big apartment buildings in a blink of an eye… Although this all sounds great, it does make “victims”. This gorgeous boy was brought into the shelter today. Its all very scary for him… Until a couple weeks ago, he had a home but his “owners” moved away and decided there was no room for him in their new fancy apartment. He slept on the ruins of his old house. A nice lady tried to feed him but he refused, she saw how he was getting skinnier every day so she decided to ask us for help. We would absolutely love to find this gorgeous boy a foster, we know the chance is small but please if you see a chance to help, please do! Or (lets push our luck) if you can adopt, he can go abroad in 4 months if he passes all his tests..


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