Amazing rescue!

Three dogs hanging out around the police station, we all know that could have ended badly. But thanks to a couple people with a warm heart, it ended perfect. The police did not call the pound, they asked rescuers for help. It took them 6 long hours to catch 2 dogs, the other will hopefully follow later. So many amazing caring people were involved, thank you to the police officers, the lady who was feeding the dogs and of course the patient volunteers. You guys are SUPER! Little ones were given clean bill of health and after all the medicals, they will be up for adoption. Let’s all work together more and create more of these stories. All it takes is a bit of love 

Police going after street dogs with sticks, elderly people scared of bigger dogs, or just people being mean to street dogs. We have all seen the horrid videos on internet. But please let’s not forget that does not mean everyone in China is like that. Police helped with this rescue, the elderly woman was feeding the dogs every day and rescuers stayed there for over 6 hours, hiding in the bushes. These stories (although not sensational) should be shared more…

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