✈️LIFT OF Bjorn✈️

✈️LIFT OF Bjorn✈️ 14 March 2018, we get a call, there is a puppy crying in some bushes along side the road. Much to everyones surprise, its a gorgeous purebred puppy of barely couple months old. His back legs are hurt and he is sooooo hungry. This little monster grew up to a big one and today was HIS day. Together with Florian, he will fly to Europe and start his new life… We will miss that happy furball but we cant wait to see him run free 💪💪💪 HUGE thanks to Florian for making this possible! Have a great flight you guys [Heart][Heart][Heart]

SAR Bjorn after 01
SAR Bjorn after 02
SAR Bjorn after 03
SAR Bjorn after 04
SAR Bjorn after 05
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