Our team


With over 12 years in dog rescue, Katherine is definitely the most experienced and truly the core of SAR. Katherine started her first shelter in 2014 when basically her house was getting too small to take care of all the dogs she picked up from the streets in Shanghai. We often call her “our angel” as no effort is ever too big and she guards her dogs like they are her children. A tremendous gentle soul, our skin disease oracle and our secret weapon when dealing with “The evil side”.


Aka our Nana aka the heart of SAR aka our unofficial CEO. Ekaterini covers it all. To the rest of us, it seems like she has 36 hours in a day. Ekaterini fostered a lot of dogs, but when she met a Labrador called Nana, her world changed. Nana seemed to be paralysed and was heavily abused by breeders. Despite all this, Nana was the most loving and courageous doggy. With her contagious smile, she would light up any room. When Nana left for her forever home, she took a part of Ekats heart with her. Nana will always be her first love, but Ekaterini loves all our dogs deep and profound. She knows every detail of every sweetheart in our care and will fight vicious to make our promise for a good home come true.


Michaela’s journey into dog rescue started 5 years ago with an Alaskan Malamute, who was abandoned in front of a Shopping mal due to very bad skin conditions. She found him a perfect home and never stopped ever since. At first she arranged all rescues personal but when Katherines shelter was being threatened to shut down, Michaela was the one who got us all to work together and step up a notch.


Before moving to Shanghai, Nina was active in dog rescue in Beijing. We saw the miracles she did and were super thrilled when she moved to Shanghai and joined SAR. She uplifted our communication with pure and honest videos. If you need more info about a doggy, Nina can provide you with all you need to know!


Simona adopted a rescue dog 2 years back and couldn’t stop thinking of how can she help more dogs. She saw one of the heart breaking pictures of SAR rescues and told Ekaterini she wants to get involved to help. She finds homes for Shanghai doggies in Canada and US. The motto she lives by is “Rescue is like a mafia. Once you are in, you never get out”


After many years in rescue, Ilse left Shanghai and moved with her pack to the Slovenian mountains. With an absolute weakness for special needs and “unadoptable” dogs, her pack consists of a fun mix of 7 “special” doggies. Since she is now unable to help on site, she is the one who handles all online media and flyers. If you ever have any cool suggestions, please let her know!