Our Angels

With broken hearts we have to tell you that we lost little Sweets today… 💔  

Sweet little Angel, with complete shattered hearts we had to let you go… You were too tiny, too weak and much too beautiful for this world. You are free now, free to be the careless puppy you so desperate wanted to be… You will be forever in our hearts little sweety. Now go play with Timmy and Grace, we know they are waiting for you

    Its just not fair… Little Carlos was just a tiny pupper, he was having a tough time in the shelter so we got him the most amazing foster home. His foster mum told us he had some issues, we were hoping she was just being a concerned doggy mum but when we had him checked, turned out she was right… Carlos had noise around his little heart which was slowly giving up… Carlos went over the RainbowBridge last night. We could make this post all about the evil of breeders but truth is, we are too heartbroken. Heaven has gained an angel but we lost a gorgeous silly little doggy…     Grace was found in the parking lot of an office building. It was clear she was in an accident before. Her back legs were torn off and completely worn down.  Her whole back body was inflamed. We gave her the best care possible and she was recovering amazingly. Suddenly she stopped eating… She was rushed to the vet and it turned out the inflamation had flamed up again. This time her little body could not fight it off. We lost Grace during the night… She passed away surrounded by the biggest love & care, she will be incredible missed…   We got a call for an injured dog in front of a pet shop. They gave her a pillow, but thats all the owner allowed his personnel to do. Wolfie was in a car accident and his owner just left the scene, figured he wasnt worth any effort. Wolfie had an open leg fracture and needed an operation asap. Our vet did all he could but Wolfie reacted bad to the medicine and passed away… Although we only knew him so shortly, we saw his beauty and were heartbroken.  The messages we received were so heartwarming… You didnt pass unwanted and unloved my beautifull, you were loved all over the world…   Jinsong was the first dog to go on the SAR list. He was found abandoned near the subway station. It was immediately clear he was not treated well before. An untreated eye infection left him blind, ear infection made him deaf and he had a wobbly walk, probably from being caged 24/7. But he was a happy fellow, who loved hanging around in the shelter. We found him a home abroad but while doing a medical check-up, the vet heard noise around his heart. He strongly advised us not to fly Jinsong… So we turned our plans around and started looking for a local adopter. Just when we found a great place, Katherine noticed Jinsong was slowing down. We all felt it, our wobbly man was tired… Katherine made him a special room with a nice bed, all to himself. He seemed happy… And then, this morning his heart gave up… Words can not describe how much we will miss our wobble hug bear. Sweet dreams my love X  

With an extreme heavy and sad heart, we said goodbye to our baby Kath. Dumped along side the road, blind & deaf, completely helpless… She crawled into all of our hearts and we loved her deeply. In couple days, she was going to move to her forever home. To a mum who found her perfect… From baby bed to special carriage, everything was prepared. But our little love got sick and lost her last battle. Please never forget how much you were loved and treasured little one. You will be in our hearts forever  !!