How you can help


Our main goal is of course finding solid, forever and loving homes for all our dogs. If you are ready to open your heart and your home, we are sure we can find you a perfect match.  For adoption in Shanghai, we arrange a visit in the shelter on any chosen day. For adoption to Europe, law requires a minimum time period of 4 months between chipping and departure to Europe. For adoption to USA and Canada, law requires a time period of 30 days.

We do microchip all the dogs as soon as they finish their medical quarantine, so waiting periods can be shorter.

You can find all their profiles in the menu “Our dogs”. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Sponsor a dog

Every dog has different costs. Some need more medical care after rescue, some just need vaccinations and spay surgery. Then of course there are the fixed expenses like food etc. Later the costs depends on which country the dog is adopted. We always ask adopters to cover the flight, health check and the transportation crate.  For all other expenses, we are completely dependent on donations.

We have a complete open accounting and all donations are listed. If you like to make a donation in honour of another person or your pet, please let us know. We can provide a personalised thank you card of the dog of your choice.

Donations are welcome through WeChat wallet or through Paypal:

Flight volunteers

As local adoptions are so limited, lots of our dogs find homes abroad. If they should fly alone, they are considered cargo and that comes with a price tag no organisation can afford. So we are always in need of flight volunteers to international airports.

All we need from you, is your flight number at least 10 days before departure. We will arrange all the paperwork. The day of the flight, we will meet you at the airport with the dog. We will do check in and pay all the costs for the dog.

When you arrive at the airport of destination, you pick up the dog at the desk of “oversized luggage”. The adopters or our local volunteers will be waiting for you at the exit gate. So a small effort for you, a world of difference for the dog!

Help spread the word!

The more people know, the bigger the chances are for the shelter dogs to find good forever homes. Add us on any media outlet of your choice and help share our flyers with your family, friends and colleagues. A great new home can be just one click away!