The honest truth.

The honest truth. Some people expect to adopt and receive a true Lassie. Fully potty trained, full of gratitude and perfect behaved. Lets say, optimistic, we can guarantuee this with 60% of our dogs. But the other 40%, it will take time. You see, your home will be their first TRUE home. No matter if they were found on street, had bad owners before or come from puppy mills. You are their first real chance to become a dog. They might not understand your rules at first, they might not get what it takes to be “a good dog”. But with some love and patience, they all get there… This is our Oscar who gave all of us some sleepless nights. So long in the shelter and still so scared. When he got the chance to go to the USA, we all clinged to our hearts. Letting him stay in the shelter wasnt getting any improvement. His adopter sounded so nice and we were convinced it was his best shot. It took him several months, but now our scared hug bear is a true hug bear. And we can not thank his adopter enough. Its an old song but we can not repeat it enough: “Make a true difference in the world. Adopt! Dont shop!” πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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