🐾Welcome tiny pupper🐾

🐾Welcome tiny pupper🐾 You can buy “purebred” puppies for less then 1.000 rmb online. Sounds like a good deal? Well, what they dont tell you is that these puppies are “inbreds”, not “purebreds”. Plus they come from the most horrible puppy farms where no medical attention is given… The more profit, the better… So this tiny cheap “present” turned out to be a very expensive one. Parvovirus raging through his tiny body. NOT what the “buyer” signed up for so pupper was dumped… On us… We are not sure if he will make it, he really is extremely small but we will give him the best fighting chance. Any help with medical bill will be highly appreciated, we seriously cant keep this up alone…

SAR Pupper 01
SAR Pupper 02
SAR Pupper 03
SAR Pupper 04
SAR Pupper 05
SAR Pupper 06
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